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Giant Whole Elk Antler

There really is no other way to say it. Giant Whole Elk Antlers are GIANT! If you've got the biggest of the big, treat your dog to the biggest and toughest chew out there.

Extra Large Whole Elk Antler

Try this Extra Large Elk Antler for your Extra Large dog!

Large Whole Elk Antler

Great for the aggressive chewer! Large Whole Elk Antlers are long lasting tough chews.

Elk Antlers - 1 lb. Bag

This one pound Elk Antlers bag contains a mix of small to large elk antlers chews.

Elk Antlers Chef's Choice - 2 lb Bag

Your pet will enjoy this elk antler variety bag that has a bit of everything! Each bag is unique with its own combination of quality elk antler cuts.

Elk Antlers Chef's Choice - 1 lb. Bag

Your pet will enjoy this elk antler variety bag that has a bit of everything from Elk Antler Burrs to Split Elk Antlers!

Medium Whole Elk Antler

Purchase your medium or large size dog an elk antler chew toy to entertain them and help maintain their oral hygiene!

Small Whole Elk Antler

Small Whole Elk Antlers are perfect for small to medium dogs! Each Small Whole Elk Antler is approximately 4 inches long and usually as thick as a nickel.

Whole Elk Antlers

We offer a full line of Whole Elk Antlers, which are 100% natural with no added chemicals, dyes, or preservatives. Every wild elk naturally shed their antlers. We then collect the antlers, sand them down so that they are smooth and safe and clean them. They are then packaged and shipped away to your eagerly waiting pets!

Natural chews are always the safest type of pet chew, and Elk Antlers are the best of the bunch. Our durable elk antlers can last week up to months, giving your dog plenty of tasty chew time. Once worn, your pet will find within the soft center of elk antlers are a multitude of nutrients and minerals such as phosphorus, sodium, manganese, and iron! Elk antler chews should be taken away from the pet once they've been worn down to size that the pet can swallow.

Improved hygiene is also a benefit of chewing shed antlers toys. Dog owners will begin to notice less plaque on their canine’s teeth, as well as better breath!