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Why Buy From Us

Not only do we have the absolute highest quality, most sustainable, 100% all natural USA-sourced elk antler dog chews in the country, but we’re also stubborn as hell. We offer the best because we can, because we care and because we don’t settle for anything less. We hold these at the highest regard:

  • Dogs (all breeds, mixes, sizes, background and age)
  • Supporting American jobs & products
  • Sourcing sustainable, earth-friendly products

Best Elk Antlers has the opportunity to truly offer a wonderful American product to dogs across America. We love dogs. That should never go unstated. Our passion for dogs and providing them the absolute best dog chews out there is why we began this journey. You can only take us at our word, but once you see our product and how your dog reacts to our great elk antlers, you’ll understand why we’re so adamant. To learn more about our company and our shoot-straight, no-holds-bar attitude, read our About Us section.

We also offer:

  • 100% Safe & Secure Online & Mobile Shopping with TRUSTe
  • Always Free, 3-Day Shipping
  • Fast Order & Shipping Turnaround + Order Tracking

We will never compromise our products, standards or service. We won’t settle for less.

The Heathiest
Best Elk Antlers takes pride in our 100% natural, preservative-free, single ingredient dog chews. These wholesome treats are full of vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphate, glucosamine and chondroitin and are also hypoallergenic. Elk Antlers are highly beneficial to a dog’s teeth and gums and provide a great chewing alternative to your shoes and furniture! Whether your dog is a puppy or an aging dog, elk antlers are mess-free, odor-free and they do not splinter or chip.

Our elk antlers are the best on the market not only because they are the healthiest, longest lasting, all natural treats out there, but Best Elk Antlers also sources all of our products from the United States of America. We’re a small business in America. We hire American workers. We source our elk antlers from Colorado. We love our home. We support our country and it’s workers. We will always be a truly American company.  

We love America and it’s environment. That’s why we only use sustainably sourced products. Elk Antlers from us will only ever be from naturally shed antler from wild elk. We do not and will not ever sell slaughterhouse products.

We exist to provide your canine best friend the absolute best elk antlers. We want to assure you that we are here to listen; to take your questions, concerns and stories. Our customer service representatives are seasoned professionals and will always help you to the best of their abilities.

Not only are our elk antler products quality assured, but we offer free shipping on orders over $49 to the 48 contiguous states.