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Want to see Best Elk Antlers on the shelves of your favorite pet store? Share our story and mission with your contacts! Thank you for your support!

Potential Retailers
Simply put: we believe in being responsible. Whether to Mother Nature, our customers or our own family pets, our company is founded on doing what’s right and best. We don’t take shortcuts. Our bottom line isn’t a dollar amount; it’s for pets to have the absolute best United States-sourced elk antlers. We won’t give anything less.

Our standards are set, and thankfully, we’re not alone. We are always looking to expand the scope of our wholesome products with other professional entities and people that share the same standards.

Great relationships are started with a simple, “Hello” so, email or call us if you’d like to talk. We’ll be sure to get back with you as soon as possible. 

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Please fill out the form(s) below to apply to become wholesale account.  Please click here to setup your account.  Click the links below to fill out the requested paperwork, fax or email back to us and then we will assign your registered account to a specific buyer group and you will gain access to wholesale pricing for our products.  There is nothing you need to do on your end, just continue to shop and checkout the same way as before but your discounted pricing will be reflected during checkout.

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