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Karli S. from Richmond, VAElk Antlers - A Healthy Alternative to Nylabone!

I don’t give my dog anything that isn’t 100% absolutely great for him. Before I gave my Puggle Elk Antlers, he would find just about anything to chew on and most of the time it was shoes or pillowcases. Elk Antlers not only completely changed his chewing habits, but they made his teeth all bright and shiny and he’s not crazy energetic all of the time! I think these Elk Antlers really gave him a workout!

Chris G. from Jackson, MS

I could not have a pickier dog. My Akita just wouldn’t have any old chew. I tried Nylabones, bully sticks and all the “indestructible” rubber toys I could find, but nothing stuck. To be frank, I didn’t think Elk Antlers would stick either, but I guess the “wild dog” in him just won out. Needless to say, my dog loves Elk Antlers. I don’t think we’ll be buying anything else. Plus, the prices are fantastic.

Cinnamon & Karma LOVE their Elk AntlersNitika C. from New Orleans, LA

Sam would tear through just about every treat I gave him. He always enjoyed them, but all the other stuff I bought just didn’t last long enough for me to give him treats on a consistent basis. Elk Antlers are the only thing that last in my house.

Cassie D. from Albany, NY

Thank you so much for your great products! Emma loves these! There is NO mess, NO stink and they don’t hurt my wallet either!