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Choosing The Perfect Elk Antler Chew

Every dog is different and every dog has his or her own very unique personality. Best Elk Antlers knows these defining characteristics are what makes your dog special and a wonderful furry family member.  We also know your one-of-a-kind dog deserves a one-of-a-kind chew. That’s why Best Elk Antlers guarantees we’ll have a perfect chew to match your dog’s size, breed, age and personality. In fact, we’ll even help you pick your dog’s best chew match. You can email, call or even use Facebook to ask for a suggestion. We want to keep all lines of communication open to grow a thriving Best Elk Antlers community.

Below you’ll find general sizing guidelines based on your dog’s weight. Please note, elk antlers are 100% all natural products, so every elk antler chew is different. These nutrient-rich, sustainable dog chews will vary from chew to chew in size, shape, weight/density and color.

After you consider weight, it’s important to consider the disposition and age of your dog. Our Split Antlers are great for puppies and adults because the vitamin and mineral-packed marrow is exposed, thus easier for these dogs to get to the “good stuff.” If you have a very aggressive chewing canine, a larger, more challenging elk antler is a good choice. Whichever elk antler treat you choose, your dog is sure to go crazy over the yummy elk antler taste!

When treating your dog to a Best Elk Antler’s dog chew, we ask that you always supervise. Our treats are safe and healthy, but even the most powerful chewers can wear down these hardy treats. As with any treat, when your dog’s chewing poses the risk of either swallowing or choking on an elk antler chew, please responsibly dispose of the treat and swap with a fresh Best Elk Antler Dog Chew!