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About Us

There is little in this world that is real, fulfilling and wholesome, which is why we shouldn’t fail to notice the small things that are truly worthwhile. Not to sound too much like a greeting card, but there is truth in that statement. Read more to find out who we are as a company, what we do and what we believe in.

Dogs: Dogs are soulful creatures that sneak into a human’s life, many times unexpectedly.  As a company, Best Elk Antlers believes dogs should be taken care of because they take care of us. Yet spoiling a dog shouldn’t be a shameful thing. That’s why we provide a 100% all natural chew that not only gives back to your dog, but supports a long, healthy life.

Nature: Even though there sadly is less of the natural world than there used to be, experiencing nature and the grandeur of our beautiful nation is no less astonishing.  So why would we disregard what Mother Nature gave us? Best Elk Antlers is respectful to our earth and supplies a product that is 100% renewable and sustainable. Naturally shed elk antlers are dense, healthy, wholesome treats that your dog will love. To find out more about the way we source our products, visit our FAQ

Hard Work & Commitment: We’re a pretty diverse group around here, but we all have that great American work ethic that has made us successful. The work we do may just be dog chews, but we think it means something. If you haven’t already figured out our love and respect for our four-legged friends, our planet, and our country, we also want you to know we’re committed to you. We recognize you as the caretaker of your four-legged friends; so just as we take care of them, we’ll take care of you. We don’t play around with price or quality either. The quality of our elk antlers is incomparable, so you’ll always get the best.  And you’ll pay for quality, but surprisingly not much.

Founded in 2012, Best Elk Antlers is an East Coast company based on an all-natural, outdoors lifestyle. We supply 100% all-natural Elk Antler dog chews, sourced from beautiful and regal Colorado Elk, to dogs nationwide. Elk Antlers dog chews are great for dog’s teeth and gums, rich in vitamins and minerals and dog’s love the taste! These chews are the densest chew you can find on the market while still being completely 100% organic and additive-free. Best Elk Antlers provides you with unparalleled product quality, pet expertise, gracious customer service and more. Best Elk Antlers: The source for the Biggest & Best selection of Elk Antlers On the Web!