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Elk Antlers - 1 lb. Bag

This one pound Elk Antlers bag contains a mix of small to large elk antlers chews.

Elk Antlers - 2 lb Bag

If you need a value bag of Elk Antlers for your aggressive chewer, we have a solution.

Elk Antlers Chef's Choice - 1 lb. Bag

Your pet will enjoy this elk antler variety bag that has a bit of everything from Elk Antler Burrs to Split Elk Antlers!

Elk Antlers Chef's Choice - 2 lb Bag

Your pet will enjoy this elk antler variety bag that has a bit of everything! Each bag is unique with its own combination of quality elk antler cuts.

Elk Antler Pieces - 1 lb. Bag

This one pound bag of Elk Antler Pieces contains a variety of all natural, sanded down pieces of elk antlers.

Elk Antler Pieces - 2 lb Bag

Every pooch needs a variety to chew. Elk Antler pieces - 2 lb bag will satisfy your pet's need to chew.

Small Elk Antler Sampler

Spoil your dog rotten with this sampler bag! All of our popular elk antler cuts in one convenient bag.

Medium Elk Antler Sampler

Sample our most popular types of elk antlers for one reasonable low price. You cannot go wrong with this medium elk antler sampler bag.

Large Elk Antler Sampler

Can't decide which type of elk antler to get for your pet? The large Elk Antler Sampler bag will provide your pet with the variety he/she needs.

Extra Large Elk Antler Sampler

Get the best variety of elk antlers on and off the web with this extra large antler sampler.

Mixed Elk Antlers

Not sure what type, or size of elk antlers to purchase? Unsure of what your dog will like? Or do you just want variety for a great price? Whatever your reason, Mixed Elk Antlers are for you! We combine variety with low cost by mixing our most popular items in a convenient grab bag.

Our Mixed Elk Antler bags can vary from small to large elk antlers, split, whole, or even burr chews as well! No matter which elk antler bag you choose, you’ll be receiving all-natural and safe chews for your pet. Like all Best Elk Antler products, Mixed Bag Elk Antlers do not contain any chemicals or preservatives, but will be nutritious and odor-free. Try out one of our Mixed Elk Antler bags to enjoy variety for a great price!