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Elk Antler Cookies - Large Bag

Chew, but don't swallow! Elk Antler Cookies are flat, rounded elk antler chews made for smaller pets. The Large Bag is approximately 1 lb.

Elk Antler Cookies - Small Bag

Chew, but don't swallow! These are flat, rounded elk antler chews made for smaller pets. The Small Bag is approximately 8 oz.

Small Elk Antler Burr

Look no further if you've got an aggressive little chewer or a small dog in need of a challenge. This is the toy they need!

Small Elk Antler Burr - 1 lb Bag

100% Natural Small Elk Antler Burrs. Great for aggressive chewers or elk antler burr lovers.

Small Elk Antler Fillet - 1 lb Bag

For the less aggressive chewer, Elk Antler fillets will satisfy your pet's minimal need to chew.

Small Elk Antler Sampler

Spoil your dog rotten with this sampler bag! All of our popular elk antler cuts in one convenient bag.

Small Split Elk Antler

An elk antler chew that's been split in half lengthwise to expose the soft marrow center. These are favored by older dogs and puppies!

Small Whole Elk Antler

Small Whole Elk Antlers are perfect for small to medium dogs! Each Small Whole Elk Antler is approximately 4 inches long and usually as thick as a nickel.

Medium Elk Antler Burr - 1 lb Bag

This 1 lb bag of medium elk antler burrs is the ultimate value pack for pets that love elk antler burrs.

Medium Elk Antler Fillet - 1 lb Bag

This gourmet elk antler cut will have your dog chewing for more and more! Made from 100% all-natural elk antlers.

Medium Elk Antler Sampler

Sample our most popular types of elk antlers for one reasonable low price. You cannot go wrong with this medium elk antler sampler bag.

Elk Antler Pieces - 1 lb. Bag

This one pound bag of Elk Antler Pieces contains a variety of all natural, sanded down pieces of elk antlers.

Elk Antler Pieces - 2 lb Bag

Every pooch needs a variety to chew. Elk Antler pieces - 2 lb bag will satisfy your pet's need to chew.

Elk Antlers - 2 lb Bag

If you need a value bag of Elk Antlers for your aggressive chewer, we have a solution.

Elk Antlers Chef's Choice - 2 lb Bag

Your pet will enjoy this elk antler variety bag that has a bit of everything! Each bag is unique with its own combination of quality elk antler cuts.