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Elk Antler Toys

Many pets will get a little rambunctious when they’re feeling restless; it’s pretty much inevitable! Don’t let that energy be taken out on your furniture by treating your pet to a naturally shed elk antler toy! We’ve got a variety of interactive toys for you and your pet to enjoy together. Keep them entertained while at the same time providing them with exercise, or even use these toys for training your pet!

For great play time, pick up an Elk Antler Tug Toy! Our tug toys are made of strong hemp rope and the toughest part of the elk antler: the burr. Allow your pet to enjoy this toy with you for weeks and even months without damage or wear. We also provide anElk Antler Rope Toy! This toy is great for a game of fetch or lone chewing time.

All of our toys come in multiple sizes for small pets like ferrets or large dogs like German Shepherds!