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Large Elk Antler Rope Toy

The ultimate safe, natural, and healthy fetch toy for large breed dogs!

Extra Large Elk Antler Rope Toy

Provide your extra large pet with hours of enjoyment by giving them this huge elk antler rope toy!

Elk Antler Rope Toys

Does your dog look bored? Or do you just need some quiet time? Elk Antler Rope Toys can come in handy! Built from an all-natural elk antler burr and hemp rope, these toys are long-lasting and keep your pet occupied when you can’t. These toys are great for a game of fetch, too! Our rope toys come in several sizes and are completely safe for any pet, as we’ve smoothed down the edges to prevent injury. Plus, elk antlers are nearly impossible to splinter or crack!

This toy also comes with some health benefits as well. Other than the exercise your pet will enjoy romping around with this toy, chewing the elk burr provides your dog with great nutrients that are essential to any pet’s diet.