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Small Elk Antler Burr

Look no further if you've got an aggressive little chewer or a small dog in need of a challenge. This is the toy they need!

Medium Elk Antler Burr

Treat your dog to a tough, nutrient-packed treat that will last them from weeks to months!

Large Elk Antler Burr

Our largest elk antler burr, made for big dogs who chew aggressively! Burrs are great for maintaining good hygiene and contain several essential nutrients!

Small Elk Antler Burr - 1 lb Bag

100% Natural Small Elk Antler Burrs. Great for aggressive chewers or elk antler burr lovers.

Medium Elk Antler Burr - 1 lb Bag

This 1 lb bag of medium elk antler burrs is the ultimate value pack for pets that love elk antler burrs.

Large Elk Antler Burr - 1 lb Bag

Elk Antler Burrs are made to last and are the prime choice for aggressive chewers.

Elk Antler Burrs

Stronger than any bone you’ll ever find, Best Elk Antlers’ Elk Antler Burrs make an excellent chew for any pet. The burr is the area of the antler that connects to the skull of the elk, making it incredibly durable and resistant to cracking and splintering. These toys are perfect for any type of chewer in any type of environment. Elk Antler Burrs are 100% natural, odorless and contain zero dyes, chemicals, or artificial preservatives. Your pet will chow down on this tasty treat as it removes plaque and provides them with calcium, zinc, and other crucial nutrients.

We provide Elk Antler Burrs in several sizes for any kind of pet. Whether you need a nice petite antler chew for your little pup or agiant chew for a big aggressive chewer, you can’t go wrong with an Elk Antler Burr!