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National Pet Preparedness Month!- Tuesday, March 24, 2015

June is National Pet Preparedness Month! We treat our pets like they are our own children, so it's good to be prepared for any emergency situation. Just as you may have an emergency kit for your human family, you are going to need one for your pet as well!

Here are the top ten items for a pet preparedness kit:

1. Food (your pet's regular food)

2. Water

3. Leash and collar

4. Bowl(s)

5. Photo of your pet/ID and a photo of you with your pet

6. Medications your pet may need

7. Immunization/vet records (keep both updated)

8. Pet carrier

9. First Aid Kit

10. Contact list of pet-friendly hotels, veterinarians, American Red Cross, American Humane Assocation and out-of-town friends/family. 

Any extras may include toys, rope, sanitation bags, and of course elk antlers

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National Chip Your Pet Month- Tuesday, March 24, 2015

May is National Chip Your Pet Month! Losing a pet is an extremely difficult event for an owner and pet-lover to go through. Even worse, once a pet is lost, the chances of them making it home again are not in their favor. However, there is some good news! There is something you can do to prevent these things from happening and help the chances of a lost pet finding its owners again.

Of course, we always recommend keeping pets in a fenced in yard or on a leash and to always keep a collar and ID tags on them. However, there are cons to these items. Collars can slip off, tags get scratched and rusty, making them difficult to read. Microchipping serves as a fantastic secondary identification system for your pet!

Don't know what a microchip is? A microchip is an identifying integrating circuit implanted just under the skin at the shoulder blades of your pet and is no bigger than a grain of rice! If ever lost, the microchip number will appear on the screen of the scanner and then link that information to their owner! How cool is that? 

As for the cost, prices can vary from $25-%50 for the microchip and implanting by your personal veterinarian, but is only a one time fee and worth it! Microchip companies may charge a small fee for registering the owner information in the database or to change information if you move. Once the microchip is implanted, it never needs to be replaced!

The main worry we all may have is pain and safety. Is it painful? Implanting the microchip is much like giving a vaccination. It is inserted under the skin near the shoulder blades with a needle. The procedure happens very quickly and doesn't require anesthesia! However, there are some veterinarians that will use a topical anesthetic, although it isn't necessary.

Is it safe? The risk to your pet is minimal compared to the risk of losing your pet. The microchips are made from an inert, biocompatible substance, which means it won't cause an allergic reaction in your pet! Over the years, there have been reports of microchips migrating from its initial location. The newer chips on th market today have anti-migrating properties so this won't happen. Perfect timing for National Chip Your Pet Month! Once implanted, the microchip will stay in place and will also not degenerate over time, ensuring that your pet has a permanent identification if they were ever to be lost or stolen. 

Nearly all veterinarians and animal shelters are fully equipped with a microchip reader. In recent years, the microchip readers have become universal, meaning they can read any brand of microchip your pet may have. Microchips are a safe way to be sure your pet has identification. We do recommend still keeping a collar and up to date information on ID tags. Remembmer any time you move or change your phone number, you have to update any tag information as well as the information stored at the microchip database to increase the chances of your lost pet getting returned to you at the right location!

So go and get your pet microchipped and don't forget to buy them some elk antlers, too! 

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Dog Tips 101- Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are you having problems with your dog digging, using potty in the house, or barking at visitors? Well we have some tips for you!

If your dog loves to dig at the carpet in your home or in the grass outside, he's showing he wants attention. So give it to him! Once your dog begins that behavior, give him a command such as sit and stay. If he begins this behavior again, redirect his attention to something else. Keep repeating these steps for 2-4 minutes and he should get the hang of it every single time he begins to dig. It may take a while, so be patient with him! :)

If your dog is constantly having accidents in the house, make sure to carry treats with you as soon as he goes potty outside. If he doesn't go potty outside, put him in the crate for 45 minutes, take him back out and wait until he pees. This isn't to punish him, it just is consistent for you to do so your dog understands they need to go potty outside. Once he does go potty outside, praise him and give him a treat!

Barking at visitors exhibits stressed behavior from your dog. They are unsure or confused about who the leader is and they become stressed out about it. We have found that going back to simple and basic commands and reviewing them while extending the time spent in a sit or down stay improvespatience, calm, and clarity for the dog and human. 

We suggest taking 3-5 minutes about 5-10 times a day and within that time pick one command and practice it with your dog. When your dog gets the stay command, you will need to gradually increase the time to increase your dog's patience and ability to hold the stay. We suggest practicing daily for at least a week as a refresher and to reinforce your standing as the leader. Remember to always praise your dog for their effort, be consistent, calm and clear. 

Another area we focus on is walking. Believe it or not taking your dog for a walk and having your dog walk in sync with you will be one of the most valuable and simple ways in which to assist your dog in releasing the stress over who is the leader. By teaching your dog to walk in sync with you, you will be establishing your authentic leadership and allowing your dog to learn to harness their own energy. This is crucial to assist your dog in the situation of excessive barking. 

And of course, any reward should involve one of our antlers as they will keep your dog occupied for hours! :) 

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Elk Antler Chews for Spring and Beyond- Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Now that winter is coming to an end, it's time to look forward to the warm weather! Warm weather calls for outdoor adventures with your pup. There are so many options when it comes to going outside in the warm weather. You can head over to your local dog park, go hiking together, daily walks or runs, or just throwing the tennis ball around the back of your house! 

Now you can't forget to have our elk antler chews on hand for when your dog comes inside for some water and a break. It is the perfect time for him to take a quick snooze and wake up and start working on his elk antler chew! The nutrient filled center will energize him to go outside for some more play time!

Warm weather brings smiles to your face and your dog's face! There isn't anything that you can't look forward to in the spring time! Except those rainy days. Thankfully you'll have those elk antlers on hand so you can keep your pup occupied on those days you can't play outside. 

With a variety of elk antlers to choose from, you can't go wrong with buying a variety back or something that your dog has grown accustomed to! 

Buy your elk antlers now so you're prepared for any stormy weather ahead! 

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