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XLarge Elk Antler Fillet - 1 lb Bag

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Products specifications
Recommended Dog Size Large (40 - 70 lbs.)
Recommended Dog Size Extra Large (70 - 100 lbs.)
Elk Antler Fillets are split antlers that have been split. These antlers are the least challenging.
Manufacturer: Best Elk Antlers

Elk Antler Fillets are perfect for younger and older dogs that needs a less challenging elk antler dog chew. Most of the the tasty middle of the elk antler will be exposed. These elk antlers can be chewed down fairly quickly, they are not recommended for aggressive chewers.

  • Approximately 7 to 8 inches long
  • All-natural dog chews
  • Rich in essential nutrients
  • Great for puppies and senior dogs

Best Elk Antler Chews are:
Single ingredient chews sourced from naturally shed Elk Antlers. With no added chemicals, these are brought to you as 100% natural, healthy and tough dog chews. No elk are harmed in the collection process.

  • Some of the toughest dog chews. Ever.
  • Safe because dogs grind the antler down over time.
  • Nutrient-rich and free of preservatives, chemicals or additives
  • No odor. No Mess.
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