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Small Elk Antler Rope Toy

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Products specifications
Recommended Dog Size Small (10 - 20 lbs.)
This toy is guaranteed to keep your dog healthy, not only with exercise, but with nutrients and minerals as well!
Manufacturer: Best Elk Antlers

A healthy dog is a dog that gets proper exercise and nutrition, and yours will get plenty with this all natural rope toy! Our elk antler rope toys are made of hemp rope and an elk antler burr, making for a perfectly safe dog toy! Your dog can play alone with this dog toy, or you can treat them to an invigorating game of fetch! Elk antlers contain natural minerals and nutrients which will benefit your dog as well. Our Elk Antler Burr is the toughest part of the elk antler, as it is the area where the antler attaches to the skull. 

  • Small burr, small rope (four feet long)
  • Promotes exercise
  • Made from 100% all-natural hemp rope and elk antler
  • Safe and long-lasting dog chews
  • Made with 100% all-natural burr from North American shed elk antler
  • No odor. No mess.
  • No chemicals, dye or preservatives used.
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