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Extra Large Elk Antler Rope Toy

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Products specifications
Recommended Dog Size Extra Large (70 - 100 lbs.)
Provide your extra large pet with hours of enjoyment by giving them this huge elk antler rope toy!
Manufacturer: Best Elk Antlers

The Extra Large Elk Antler Rope Toys are a perfectly safe and fun distraction from your pet's daily boredom. Play fetch, or let them play by themselves, they'll enjoy all of our Elk Antler Rope Toys! This toy is made with hemp rope and 100% naturally shed elk antler burr. Elk antlers are an excellent source of calcium and other essential minerals. Besides keeping your pet healthy, this toy is also long-lasting because the elk antler burr is the most durable part of the elk antler.

  • Safe, healthy, and long-lasting
  • Made with all-natural elk antler burr and hemp rope
  • Best for larger dogs
  • Fun for you and your dog!

Best Elk Antler Chews are:
Single ingredient chews that are sourced from naturally shed Elk Antlers. We don't add anything to them or harm any animals in the process. These are brought to you as 100% natural, healthy and tough dog chews. 

  • Some of the toughest chews. Ever.
  • Safe because pets grind the antler down over time.
  • Nutrient-rich and free of preservatives, chemicals or additives
  • No odor. No Mess.

Remember to always supervise your pet when giving them any type of treat or chew.

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