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Elk Antler Cookies - Small Bag

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Products specifications
Recommended Dog Size Petite (Less than 10 lbs.)
Recommended Dog Size Small (10 - 20 lbs.)
Chew, but don't swallow! These are flat, rounded elk antler chews made for smaller pets. The Small Bag is approximately 8 oz.
Manufacturer: Best Elk Antlers

Introducing Best Elk Antlers’s Elk Antler Cookies! If you think the name sounds delicious, wait until your pet tastes them! These elk antlers are cut into flat pieces then rounded at the edges, to make for a safe and tasty chew toy. Our Elk Antler Cookies are made from all-natural North American elk antlers, which elk shed naturally each year. Your pet will chew these for a long time, slowly wearing down the tough outside, and eventually reaching the soft inside, which is full of essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium, and iron. Like all of our elk antler dog chews, our Elk Antler Cookies contain no chemicals, preservatives, or dyes, making them totally natural, and totally safe! Because each cookie will vary in weight, this bag is approximately 8 ounces.

  • Small to medium elk antler pieces cut into 1/4-1/2" thick round slices
  • As they are a natural product, they will vary in size from 0.5 to 2 inches in length.
  • Rich in essential nutrients
  • 100% all-natural dog chews
  • Perfect for petite and small dogs

Best Elk Antler Chews are:
Single ingredient chews that are sourced from naturally shed Elk Antlers. We don't add anything to them or harm any animals in the process. These are brought to you as 100% natural, healthy and durable dog chews. 

  • Some of the toughest dog chews. Ever.
  • Safe because dogs grind the antler down over time.
  • Nutrient-rich and free of preservatives, chemicals or additives
  • No odor. No Mess.
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