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Every dog is different and every dog has his or her own
very unique personality. Below you’ll find general sizing guidelines
based on your dog’s weight. Please note, 
elk antlers are 100% all natural
products, so every elk antler chew is different.

Petite DogSmall DogMedium DogLarge DogExtra Large DogGiant Dog


Tough and Tasty, American and Affordable, Sustainable and Safe: Best Elk Antlers has the highest quality all-natural elk antlers. Your dog benefits from high concentrations of vitamins and minerals while cleaning and maintaining healthy teeth and bones when enjoying a durable, tasty elk antler.

About Us

All American Chews for your All American Dog: Best Elk Antlers is committed to providing your dog the highest quality all-natural elk antler dog chews, supporting American business and workers, and practicing sustainable sourcing and respecting our nation’s wildlife and natural resources.

Our Elk Antlers

Nature’s Perfect Chew Toy: Elk Antlers. Sourced from wild-roaming elk in the American West, Best Elk Antlers uses only naturally shed elk antlers for our dog chews. Our elk antlers are carefully hand selected and closely inspected to ensure your dog is getting the best. Elk Antlers do not chip or split and stand up even to the most aggressive chewers.
Eco-Friendly Treats from Best Elk AntlersBest Elk Antlers Products are Made in the USAHigh Quality Dog Treats from Best Elk Antlers100% Natural Treats from Best Elk AntlersTough and Safe Treats from Best Elk Antlers

Large Split Elk Antler

Large Split Elk Antlers are great for older dogs or dogs that just aren't up to the challenge of working to get to the soft center of the antler.

Large Whole Elk Antler

Great for the aggressive chewer! Large Whole Elk Antlers are long lasting tough chews.

Medium Split Elk Antler

A split elk antler perfect for any large or medium-sized dog.

Extra Large Whole Elk Antler

Try this Extra Large Elk Antler for your Extra Large dog!

Medium Whole Elk Antler

Purchase your medium or large size dog an elk antler chew toy to entertain them and help maintain their oral hygiene!

Giant Whole Elk Antler

There really is no other way to say it. Giant Whole Elk Antlers are GIANT! If you've got the biggest of the big, treat your dog to the biggest and toughest chew out there.

Large Elk Antler Fillet - 1 lb Bag

Antler Fillets are perfect for pets that want a less challenging elk antler to chew. Great for older and younger dogs.

Small Split Elk Antler

An elk antler chew that's been split in half lengthwise to expose the soft marrow center. These are favored by older dogs and puppies!

Medium Elk Antler Fillet - 1 lb Bag

This gourmet elk antler cut will have your dog chewing for more and more! Made from 100% all-natural elk antlers.

XLarge Elk Antler Fillet - 1 lb Bag

Elk Antler Fillets are split antlers that have been split. These antlers are the least challenging.