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Elk antlers are a natural source of calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium — essential nutrients that support joint and bone health. They're also tough to boot! Elk Antlers are the most durable all-natural dog treats around. Health benefits and durability aside, elk antlers make life a bit easier for pet owners. Unlike other chew toys, elk antlers leave virtually no mess or odor. You can rest easy knowing your pet’s elk antler chew is safe, healthy and clean

Best Elk Antlers is Committed to SustainabilityBest Elk Antlers Products are Made in the USAThese fantastic chews are also 100% sustainable! Simply collected from the Colorado Rockies, all of our antlers are naturally shed and colleced each winter. That's right, no animals are harmed. Healthy, sustainable, animal friendly and they're even completely odorless! Order one for your dog today and SAVE!

Best Elk Antlers only sells organicsingle-ingredient and additive-free dog chews.

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Medium Whole Elk Antler

Purchase your medium or large size dog an elk antler chew toy to entertain them and help maintain their oral hygiene!

Large Split Elk Antler

Large Split Elk Antlers are great for older dogs or dogs that just aren't up to the challenge of working to get to the soft center of the antler.

Medium Split Elk Antler

A split elk antler perfect for any large or medium-sized dog.

Large Whole Elk Antler

Great for the aggressive chewer! Large Whole Elk Antlers are long lasting tough chews.

Extra Large Whole Elk Antler

Try this Extra Large Elk Antler for your Extra Large dog!

Giant Whole Elk Antler

There really is no other way to say it. Giant Whole Elk Antlers are GIANT! If you've got the biggest of the big, treat your dog to the biggest and toughest chew out there.