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Medium Double Elk Antler Burr Rope Toy

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UPC: 816807012678
Double the fun! This elk antler rope dog toy has two elk burrs, for hours of play of chewing.
Manufacturer: Best Elk Antlers

Double the chewing time, double the play time and double the fun? It must be a Best Elk Antler Medium Double Burr Rope Dog Toy! This is no ordinary dog toy. Double burr rope dog toys are made with hemp rope and two all-natural elk antler burrs. While your dog is playing for hours with this durable dog toy, he is also getting in a good workout. Elk antlers contain beneficial nutrients and minerals such as zinc, iron, and calcium.

  • Two medium burrs on a six foot long medium rope
  • Hours of healthy fun!
  • Promotes good dental health
  • Packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
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